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Our Mission


Beer: one of humanity’s finest universal refreshments. For as long as alcohol became the entertainment of men and women alike, beer has been at its forefront. With generations’ worth of brewing and ageing methods, drinking and enjoying beer is celebrated almost universally around the world.

Like so many other cities, New Orleans has had its own inspired influence on the beers brewed here. From the opening days of The Brasserie Brewery in 1726, to the current revitalization of the brewhouses popping up all over town, the beer culture in New Orleans has always been as unique and creative as its residents. strives to bring you the most complete guide to the New Orleans beer culture. From festivals and events, to breweries and bar rooms, our goal is to provide a centralized source for all things beer in New Orleans. Thank you for searching as this incredible directory continues to evolve, as our city’s beer culture continues its amazing growth.


Rob Galloway, Aaron Nachlas, & Steve Woodward
Co-Founders, Beer Lovers, & your Guides to All Things Beer in New Orleans!

Our Founders


Rob Galloway, IT Director

Rob Galloway is a New Orleans native, entrepreneur, and IT professional. Rob is founder of DreamArt Designs, a local IT company, and owns and operates several online businesses. Rob lives in the Uptown New Orleans area with his wife and two children and is passionate about the city. Having invested in several restaurants & bars himself over the years, Rob is happy to be able to bring technology and beer culture together for consumers and businesses alike in today’s growing beer market. Rob’s favorite beer is a milk stout and he look’s forward to expanding his beer knowledge base.

“Our online directory is a win win for beer lovers and establishments looking to connect in the New Orleans area and I’m glad to part of it.”, Rob Galloway


Aaron Nachlas, Content Director

Aaron Nachlas, a native of Silver Spring, MD (near Washington DC), originally came to New Orleans in 1997 as an Aviator with the US Coast Guard. Falling in love with the city, its food, music, culture, and cocktails; he settled in NOLA with his family when he hung up his wings and retired after 20 years of active duty in 2014. As a dedicated consumer and enthusiast of both beer and spirits, he is a longstanding regular at local events such as Tales of The Cocktail, NOLA on Tap, Boudin, Bourbon, and Beer, to name a few. He has also designed tours and written articles highlighting the New Orleans cocktail culture for both locals and out of town guests alike. He is a regular cocktail judge at Top Taco New Orleans and works with the producers of Agave Week to produce the Bar & Spirits Industry event and the Agave Week Top Tequila Competition.

Aaron is regularly found behind the bar as well. One of his greatest joys comes from mixing drinks, creating one-off cocktails for any occasion, and enjoying a great beer with strangers and friends alike. He does this at private events, in locations ranging from his ample home bar, to dust storms in the desert at Burning Man, and all points in between. Calling on his love of both cocktails and beers, he has created several beer cocktails for various events, many of which can be found in our Cocktail Corner blog posts.

Aaron has a wide-ranging palate, and he enjoys just about every type of beer put in front of him. From a Lager or a Lambic, to Barley Wines, Bitters, and Blonds, as long as they have a flavor that stands out, Aaron enjoys them all. His favorite beers fall in the dark, heavy, and robust categories; the Porters, Stouts, and Bocks. To really get his attention, break out a Belgian Quad, like Trappistes Rochefort 10 or a Three Philosophers, and he will be in heaven. Aaron is looking forward to this new venture, and hopes you will enjoy reading his blogs, trying his creative cocktails, and exploring the beer culture in New Orleans as NOLA grows.


Stephen Woodward, Ideas Director

Stephen Woodward, co-founder of, found inspiration to develop the most comprehensive, online directory for all things beer in New Orleans, through his active imagination and entrepreneurial ways. Motivated by his creativity and fueled by beer, Stephen constantly generates great ideas. For this great idea, Stephen partnered with two good friends, and was born. When not dreaming up brilliant ideas or drinking beer, Stephen, a native of New Orleans, is running his own business, Nola Lawn Service, rehabbing homes and enjoying his home on the Mississippi river with his wife and two dogs.