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Month: August 2018

29 August

“The Handyman” or Steve’s Shandy   As someone who has an affinity for beer, I must also admit that I am not a one libation kind of a guy. Like many beer drinkers out there, I can enjoy a decanter of wine, a tokkuri of sake, or a dram of whatever distilled spirit you put […]

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19 August

Which Glass Shows You’ve Got Class? A Definitive Guide to Which Type Of Glass Goes With Each Beer Style   Kicking back in your umbrella chair on Magazine Street during the Irish Channel Parade or dancing at the Fais Do-Do stage during Jazz Fest while Terrance Simien is wailing on the squeezebox, it’s expected you […]

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16 August

Greetings from the beer lovers at! We are pleased to include your venue listing on our website, and we hope that you find working with us beneficial to your marketing strategy. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will be adding features to make the searchability and intuitiveness in sync with needs of […]

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